Founded in Amsterdam in 2017, Green Metropolitan Council (GMC) is a hands-on specialist in urban and peri-urban regeneration and transformation by empowering people. GMC is also a one-stop-shop in the Metropolitan Region of Amsterdam (MRA) focusing on social innovation and the circular economy.

GMC’s ecosystem, fields of knowledge and expertise are based on decades of local, regional and international experience in quality of life, green infrastructure, energy transition, water transformation and sustainable regional development.



By empowering communities, GMC provides insight into each community’s urgencies, expectations, values and needs (the so-called “Social Agenda”).

By taking “ownership” of the solution(s) at hand and their dream(s), communities determine and diverge valuable connections themselves. This results to – often surprising and creative – possibilities and opportunities. GMC guides, stimulates and motivates this process.

By calling for immediate action, stakeholders are activated and a breakthrough (or breakthroughs) are taking place. A “critical tipping point” is reached and a call for immediate action to activate all stakeholders is being formulated, announced and shared.

A long-term horizon with a new set of values is thus being created and the cycle (kyklos, in Greek) is complete. The whole cycle can then start again from the very beginning: empowering communities.



GMC offers its clients to act as neutral regional guide/director/mediator (a process role), experiments with the new Dutch national Environmental Management Act, new circular (“in”)revenue and business models. collaboration with external and internal  partners and experts, and the organisation of roundtables and special events.


GMC co-organises invitation-only regional investment meetings with all partners and communities involved, including legacy investors and local/regional authorities, to present long-term regional development projects that require funding. Furthermore, GMC (co-)organises roundtables connects experts with local citizens and entrepreneurs (direct stakeholders) and then matches citizens with local/regional authorities (indirect stakeholders). This results in a call for immediate action.


GMC’s clients include landowners, project developers, ports and airports, and contractors, while we also work very closely with our natural co-operating partners: local communities.


GMC’s co-founders have a solid and proven track record with local, national and international experience and expertise in the preparation, organisation and implementation of successful projects and initiatives. Specifically, we have launched major R&D projects, served as (co-)organiser or director and stood at the cradle of leading operations, social/sustainable enterprises and pan-European organisations, both in The Netherlands and internationally, including:

  • Expo Bio-based Economy / Schiphol Trade Park
  • Biobased Startup Hub (Zaandam)
  • Green Deal Olifantsgras / The Grounds (Schiphol)
  • Braakdijk-Kalverpolder social circular initiative (Zaandam)
  • Natuurbrug Crailoo (Hilversum/Bussum)
  • A-Venue, Lavendelberg Coentunnel (Zaanstad)
  • Future Cities (stadsregio Arnhem-Nijmegen / Europa)
  • Amsterdam Nieuw West, Green Infrastructure Transformation
  • RVO omgevingswet roundtable ( Amsterdam Nieuw West)
  • Almere Weerwater ( Water Transformation)


Roy brings a broad experience of micro-biological and spatial water management to the table. His expertise includes legionella disease inspection, based on the EU Water Directive. Internationally he has conducted research on water management problems. Roy is the co-initiator of the Metropolitan Region of Amsterdam’s Vital Water Platform. As a result of water vitalisation challenges, Roy has been active in bottom-up, socially-innovative and circular economic models, initiatives and projects, which focus on water management, sustainable energy, circular housing, organic food production and broad healthcare innovation. Roy is specialised in helping solve metropolitan (urban and rural), societal and spatial problems in innovative, disruptive ways. He is now mainly focusing on developments, communities and partnerships in Zaanstad and the MRA. Roy co-founded the Biobased Startup Hub and the Braakdijk-Kalverpolder social circular initiative in Zaandam as well as the Vitaal Water Platform in Amersfoort.


Graduated from University of Amsterdam as ecologist in 1986. Vincent resides in Amsterdam and explored urban ecology and ecosystems  during his whole career, 10 years in the city of Breda nature planning and maintenance, 5 years engineering and nature development in the Rotterdam region and 10 years in the program Green Metropolis at Alterra Wageningen UR. In 2010 he was one of the founding fathers of Schiphol theGROUNDS. In the previous 15 years he has been active in climate change adaptation programs (Water, Air quality, CO2 and Urban Heat Islands), green infrastructure sustainable area development and the circular economy (C2C, Next Generation – Next Practice, Future Cities). Co-created and co-operated through Wageningen UR with Architects, Contractors, Constructors, Project developers and  local communities on innovative concepts for solutions on various occasions and various scales and scopes; also abroad (EU, China and Brazil). In 2013 co-founded The Solid Grounds Knowledge Brokers Green Economy in order to bring knowledge and know how into hands-on practice with public, private and education partners. It resulted in the “Manufacturing Academy” at Schiphol trade Park and the Green Deal Miscanthus to tackle the growing population of geese around Amsterdam Airport. In the South West region of the Netherlands an animation video by Bio-based Bastards (vimeo.com > BLOC > Videos) that resulted in a manifest of an agricultural community around Moerdijk about their climate change damages and their local and regional solutions. 


Would you like to partner with GMC or arrange an appointment to discuss what GMC could do for you with one of our co-founders? Please communicate with Roy Zonnenberg, Vincent Kuypers at:

Green Metropolitan Council

Verrijn Stuartweg 40, 1112 AX Diemen, The Netherlands

Tel.: +31620880713 (Roy) or +31651397131 (Vincent)
E-mail: info@gmc.network